Who Is Uwe Herbert Hahn? German Consul Arrested For Killing Husband Walter Henri Maximilien Biot

Uwe Herbert Hahn is in custody for his crime of killing his husband. Let’s find out who is Uwe Herbert Hahn and what happened to his partner.

The death of Henri has shaken the community, an individual representing a nation who was responsible for the murder of his husband after living together each other for 20 years.

Additionally, Uwe dared to lie to the police about the death of his husband; German media and the public ostracized him for his crude crime against his partner.

Likewise, he shall face a harsh sentence after lying to the authorities about the death of his partner and beating his husband to the end, which is the severe nature of the crime.

Arrested: Who Is Uwe Herbert Hahn?

Uwe Herbert Hahn is in custody for killing his husband. The German diplomat killed his husband, with whom he was married for 20 years.

Hahn also lied to the police about the death of his husband. He told the authorities that his partner died after throwing a fit and falling.

According to Uwe’s false report, he told cops that his husband died from drinking and sleeping pills, which led him to lose his balance and hit his head.

According to forensics, Hahn’s husband was severely beaten; he had bruises all over the body.

According to the police, the body was covered with bruises created by a cylindrical instrument; thus, it seems to be the weapon used to render the victim unconscious through beating.

Uwe Herbert Hahn Age

Uwe Herbert is 52 years old. He killed his husband of the same age, who was going to celebrate his 53rd birthday in a week.

According to authorities, the story of his husband was completely false as the forensics found various injuries in his body.

The diplomat told cops that his husband tripped over a carpet and fell face-first, but bruises on the body cannot be linked to the depiction of events narrated by the perpetrator.

As per the investigation, authorities discovered that Hahn was trying to scrub the crime scene and hide the evidence. The husband of the victim was in police custody.

According to North American media, the suspect shall not have diplomatic immunity due to the heinous nature of the crime.

Uwe Herbert Husband Walter Henri Maximilien Biot Death

Walter Henri and Uwe Herbert were married for ten years. Uwe was a German diplomat living with his husband in Brazil.

However, according to the forensics reports, Henris seems to be the victim of domestic violence. Uwe seems to abuse his 52-year-old husband, physically and psychologically, but the harsh beating and abuse transpired during the death of his husband.

Thus, in a rush to cover up the death, the German diplomat lied to the police and used alcohol and sleeping pills as a cover for his murder.

Nevertheless, his criminal activities were easier to decipher after the narration of events did not meet with the findings.

Moreover, his diplomatic immunity is off the table; thus, he will likely face harsh punishment in the Brazilian court of law—the community and people are sad at the news of the murder of a married couple.