Who Is Tiktok? Tiktok Bio And Boyfriend Revealed

Who is Tiktok? is a TikTok star who has a huge fan following in her social media handles. Find her detailed biography information here. is a web star and social media personality who is most active on TikTok and uploads her several contents with which she has gained a huge fan following from around the world.

Various TikTok users have done duets with her videos and also her videos are shared on other social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Some of her videos are shared on Reddit as well and people are making assumptions about them.

Being such a famous social media star she hasn’t talked much about her personal life and herself. So, here we are to provide you with her personal details.

Meet Her Boyfriend On Instagram

Currently, we are only able to find her on TikTok and we are unknown about her real name. So, not knowing her real name her Instagram handle is hard to find.

And, there is no information about her previous TikTok handle where she might have shared her Instagram and boyfriend details. As now her old account is deleted, we only know her as and not by her real name.

So, not knowing her Instagram handles we are unsure if she has a boyfriend or if she is in a relationship or not. She is yet to upload a TikTok video with her boyfriend on her new account. So for now, we can say she is single.

Who Are Her Parents?’ parents’ details are kept confidential- as she hasn’t disclosed about them.

As with her other personal details she has kept their information hidden. Neither there is other information about her other family members and relatives. Age Wikipedia hasn’t shared much of her personal details up to now.

Her age, birthday, and other birth-related details are unknown till now. But, by looking at her videos and pictures, it seems she is nearly around 20 years old- it is just an assumption.

Not having much of her personal information, we are unable to find about her ethnicity, nationality, and zodiac sign.

Out of all, she hasn’t a Wikipedia bio page. But, her biography can be found in this article as well as on some other internet sites. She is a TikTok star with currently 640k followers.

In her new TikTok account sh has uploaded only 9 videos up to now and she had already 3.8M likes from that 9 videos. This might be due to her creative content and her followers from her old account.

She has got 21.7M likes on her first video in her new account.

If this kept going just like this then she would cross a million followers in no time.

Who Is Tiktok? is a new TikTok account of the user. It seems her previous TikTok account was banned or deleted. However, what happened with her previous account she hasn’t mentioned.

If she had a previous account that was deleted or banned then she must have millions of followers there. Because she has gained millions of followers in this new account already within 10 days.

Her fans and followers are happy to see her in TikTok once again.